Polytechnic Youth is a record label based in Crouch End, North London. Functioning on a micro-industrial scale it focuses on working with nondigital formats, and is self-described as a micro label for vinyl heads that conducts electronic experiments in kosmische. Artwork commissioned for the V/A compilation titled Some Neon Reason: Further Adventures of the Polytechnic Youth namely draws on analogue aesthetics with both digital and analogue processes of production being utilised. Digital tools, used in audio recording and image manipulation, provide a means to mutate the richness of noise that is characteristic of analogue mechanisms and mediums. Tracks on the release from noise-sculptors Phil Wave, Klaudyna Pop, VIB, Récidive Noire and Soloist Anti-Pop Totalization, span the electronic genre with shifts between electro minimalism, motorik musical compositions and synthwave sonics.

Some Neon Reason: Further Adventures of the Polytechnic Youth
12" vinyl and digital album
Genre: electronic
Style: synthwave, industrial, minimal
Pressing of 500
12" vinyl and back cover of record sleeve
analogue-noir, Screen print, 38x30cm
analogue-ochre, Screen print, 38x30cm
Signal/Noise, Screen prints, 31x29cm
Untitled, 35mm photograph
Untitled, 35mm photograph