Artificial Horizon is a record label based in Glasgow, Scotland and operates as an independent structure at ‘the peripheries of stygian electronics’. Working within a fine art context through the media and concept artwork was commissioned for the first release titled Strokes of Industry. Sci-fi architectural ruins construct a typographic element in reference to the label’s name and industrial-noir infused pulses inform the printed works. The four-track V/A features Antoni Maiovvi, Itako, Das Ding and Timothy J. Fairplay, taking us on an auditory retro-futuristic voyage of synthesised industrial, techno(logical) and acid(ic) sounds.

Strokes of Industry V/A
12" vinyl and digital album
Genre: electronic
Style: synth, industrial, techno, ebm, acid
Pressing of 300
12" vinyl and lino print insert
Vinyl label B-side
Untitled, Lino prints, Various sizes
Transmission, Lino prints, 28x18cm
Lyot Sequence, Mono prints, Various sizes
Untitled, Graphite and pen drawings, Various sizes