Creating Our Planet

Part of Go Green Week—the national series of events celebrating all that is environmental, ethical and social justice within UK universities—and Glasgow Goes Green Festival 2022Creating Our Planet gave a platform to artists, designers and architects responding to the COP26 meeting in Glasgow. The open call sought works from a variety of disciplines that were grappling with a vision for the future amidst climate change. The Glasgow School of Art’s Sustainability in Action Group (SiAG) collaborated with the Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team (GUEST) to curate a film screening and panel discussion that was shortly followed by an exhibition.

Those who screened work included: Priya Foster, Bridie Gane, Vita Lerche, Sofia Caers, Raya Gray, Lena Lee and Joe Dalton. Those who exhibited work included: Sofia Caers, Emily Wood, Kathleen Crilly, Harriet Foster, Monica Marshall, Priya Foster, Semjon Fehr, Greer Pester, Samantha Denyer and Jasmin Robertson.

Curated at the University of Glasgow and Box Hub North St. in 2022
Creating Our Planet, Film reel, 35 minutes
Install view of sculptures, an etching and photographs
Install view of sculptures, an etching and photographs
Install view of cyanotype prints
Install view of a painting, drawing and film